A Secure Path Forward: Task Force Driven. Board Approved.

In 2018, the FPPA Board of Directors created a task force to study the statewide plans managed by FPPA. The Statewide Plans Task Force was comprised of eight employer representatives and eight member representatives. The task force convened 11 times over seven months to review possible changes with the goal of improving the health and longevity of the statewide plans.

To that end, at the task force’s conclusion, the group recommended that the Board pursue several proposals in the upcoming legislative session. Then, in September 2019, the Board officially directed FPPA staff to draft legislation containing proposed statute changes. The resulting bill, HB20-1044, was introduced at the Colorado state capitol during the 2020 legislative session, where it passed both chambers and was signed into law on April 1, 2020 by Governor Polis.

Both the FPPA Board and staff are pleased by the passage of this bill. The successful passage of this bill represents the most effective way to address the unique challenges that we currently face, and to position the plans for long–term success moving forward. The resulting changes will not only protect the plans, keeping them financially secure, but will also provide lasting, meaningful benefits for the first responders of Colorado.

What's in the bill?

The component provisions of HB20-1044, as signed into law, are detailed below. The legislation affects individual FPPA plans as indicated. Click the links below to learn more about the individual provisions, or read the full bill text here.

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SWDB: Employer Contributions*

Increases employer contributions for each member by 4% over an 8 year period

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SWDB: Rule of 80*

Provides for normal retirement as early as age 50, if a member's combined years of service and age equals 80—funded by increasing employer contributions by 1% over 2 years

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Converts existing base and reentry SRAs to self-directed investment accounts; Members are eligible to withdraw funds upon retirement. Base SRAs can no longer be used to correct unfunded liabilities

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SWD&D: Death & Disability Contributions

Increases Board's ability to adjust plan contributions by up to 0.2% every year

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Old Hire Plans

Allows the FPPA Board to set plan-specific contribution policies for affiliated Old Hire Fire and Police plans as they wind down


*These provisions also apply to members of the Statewide Defined Benefit Plan: Supplemental Social Security Component (SWDB-SS). Different rates apply for SWDB-SS members.

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