Securing Plan Benefits for FPPA Members

Pending Legislation Aims to Fulfill the State’s Obligation to D&D Participants and Streamline Plan Administration

FPPA Proposes Two Bills for the 2024 Legislative Session

The Statewide Death & Disability Plan provides retirement benefits to participants and their families in the event the Member is seriously injured or killed. Prior to 1997, the state was responsible for funding these benefits. Then in 1997, the Plan’s funding mechanism changed to require participants and their Employers to fund the Plan for all Members hired after the change occurred.

To fulfill its obligation to fund the plan for Members hired prior to January 1, 1997, the state made a one-time payment based upon actuarial projections made at the time. In retrospect, the payment was insufficient to cover the needs of those Members.

To make up the funding shortfall, FPPA requested a total of $27.39 Million, to be paid in equal installments of $9.13 million over three years. An amended version delays the start of payments until 2025, seeking $2.05 million annually over 35 years. Previous legislation, SB22-036, contributed a portion of the outstanding amount, but this new request will help satisfy the remaining state obligation.

This bill, along with an additional language cleanup bill, have been submitted for the 2024 General Session and are described in detail on this site.

What’s in the Proposals?

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HB24-1043: D&D Funding Bill

Status: Passed House and Senate, Awaiting Governor's Signature

Seeks $27.39 Million to satisfy the state’s funding obligation for Members hired before 1997

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HB24-1042: Technical Language Clean Up Bill

Status: Signed Into Law

Improves Plan administration by fixing incorrect references and inconsistent language in C.R.S. Title 31


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Colorado Professional Fire Fighters

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Colorado Fraternal Order of Police

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